Parakrama Samudraya

unbelievable feats of engineering

Sri Lanka is a nation that has a vibrant history that goes all the way back to prehistoric times. There are plenty of tales and legends of how great the civilisations in Sri Lanka were and how they thrived pulling off unbelievable feats of engineering. One such engineering marvel that lays testimony to these claims is the Polonnaruwa Parakrama Samudraya. Built by King Parakramabahu the great, it is a massive tank that once encompassed 5 large reservoirs. Engineers today say that this ingenious design feature was used to relieve the pressure on the main dam and many are baffled by the sheer volume of this feat.

Including the remains of sluice gates on the dam, there are plenty of other mysterious design elements and ruins found across the banks; their purposes have still not been speculated. Apart from its engineering brilliance, the reservoir today has become a quintessential part of the region’s ecosystem and thus it supports a wider variety of birds and animals. Furthermore, it has also become a popular tourist attraction in the region where travellers could embark on a boat ride amidst the tank’s surreal waters. You could see a part of the reservoir from the comfort of our resort establishment but if you wish to explore more of it, tours to the reserve along with boat rides can be arranged by reaching out to the front desk.