CSR/ Sustainability

The world as we know it has limited resources and conserving them for future generations is vital for the continual existence of mankind and even the continuity of life on earth as a whole. As an empathetic and responsible organisation, we place a considerable emphasis on sustainability – to contribute to the creation of a better world through sustainable resource management and other thoughtful solutions. Hence, we have conceptualised and have commenced several ambitious projects in order to help the world to heal and thrive.

Conserving and efficiently utilising natural resources is one of the key concepts of sustainable development – it ensures that part of the scarce resources gets reserved for future generations to use and it gives time for nature to replenish its reserves. There are plenty of ways that we seamlessly blend sustainable practices into our day to day operations here at Araliya; for example, we have initiated an ambitious project at one of our coastal resort establishments to purify and re-use seawater for its consumption. The design of this initiative has been so optimally designed that it even recycles the salt that is extruded during the purification process.

Being considered as some of the most eco-friendly hotels in Sri Lanka all of our properties provide eco-friendly amenities to our guests and follow processes that significantly reduce the establishment’s collective carbon footprint. We have drastically reduced the use of plastic products and our properties are outfitted with energy-efficient appliances and equipment. In addition to this, the produce that we utilise for cooking along with many other products that we consume at Araliya are locally sourced products – this is an initiative to give back to the community and to improve their living standards.