20 Jan 2021

Have you added Sri Lanka to your bucket list?

Travel and Leisure

Sri Lanka is a paradise island that has all kinds of adventures and excitement to offer. In fact, it is one of the very best vacation destinations found in South Asia owing to its spectacular attractions, unique culture and so much more. So, here’s a look at why you should add Sri Lanka to your travel bucket list right away.

The Culture

Sri Lanka is a nation that has a long and storied history, one that can be traced back many centuries. The island has seen great kingdoms rise and fall, foreign invasions and the influence of colonial powers. All of this has created a culture that is unique and left behind amazing landmarks and attractions for travellers to visit and explore.

The Cuisine

If you’re in Sri Lanka, you should definitely consider going on a culinary adventure through its streets. Sri Lankan flavours can be bold and distinct while having a characteristic rustic flair to them. Dishes like kotthu roti and the tried-and-true rice and curry are must-haves during your time here.

The Wilderness

Sri Lanka is considered to be one of the very best locations to go on a safari outside of Africa’s great plains – and with good reason too! Despite its small size, the island houses a variety of megafaunas like the Asian elephant, Sri Lankan leopard and the shy sloth bear.

The Beaches

Few places in the world can match Sri Lanka’s pristine coastline – in fact, most travellers visit Sri Lanka solely to spend time in the country’s white-sand beaches. Areas like the South Coast is where you’ll find some of the island’s best strips of shoreline as well as some of the best hotels in Sri Lanka – for example, the Araliya Hotels & Resorts.