20 Apr 2021

Things to do for a perfect couples holiday in Nuwara Eliya

Travel and Leisure

Having an uncanny resemblance to England, Nuwara Eliya boasts salubrious climes and immaculate natural splendour! Also, the city and its surroundings will be ensconced in mist during most times of the year – making the city dazzle with a romantic ambience. If you are planning to visit this city with your loved one for a romantic holiday, you have made the right choice! But if you are wondering what you could do here to make it an even more romantic holiday experience, do read on.

Visit The Gregory Lake

Being the centrepiece amongst Nuwara Eliya’s most celebrated attractions, Lake Gregory is an artificial lake located at the very heart of the city. The lake boasts an immaculate view and it offers the perfect setting for a slow and relaxing walk with your loved one. Also, if you don’t mind the crowd, during the high season, the region comes to life with a whole host of leisure activities. Swan Boat rides, speed boat rides, horse rides, and cycling are some of the popular activities you could do with your significant other during your time here. The lake is also in close proximity to many of the hotels in Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka the likes of Araliya Red. So, you could even go for a morning run with your loved one along the walking pathway that has been built around the lake.

Horton Plains

If you and your significant other shares a common affection towards natural surrounds and attractions, this is indeed the right place to be! It is a national park that has been recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it houses a wide array of flora and fauna that is endemic to this region. It is also home to the well-renowned world’s end cliff and the viewpoint that offers a sweeping panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Tea Tasting Tours

Your trip to Nuwara Eliya won’t be complete without partaking in this experience! Tea is certainly one of the most popular beverages that are consumed around the world. And, being proven as one of the few drinks that have actual health benefits, replacing tea with other beverages could actually be good for your mind and body. So, during this experience, you and your loved one could visit a tea factory and you will be offered a glimpse of the journey a tea leaf takes from the leaf is plucked to your cuppa. Also at the end of the tour, you could purchase different types of tea from the factory itself. This could be an educational as well as an enjoyable thing you could do here as a couple.

Visiting The Waterfalls

Being a region that is predominantly composed of mountains and rivers, this combination calls for waterfalls and there is a lot of it here! You could also go on hikes to see the few cascades that are located amidst sparsely vegetated forest lands. Some of the cascades that you should consider visiting during your stay in Nuwara Eliya are, St. Clair’s Falls, Lovers Leap Waterfall, Bomburu Ella Waterfall, and Laxapana Falls