Dear Guest,

We at Araliya Hotels & Resorts greatly value your health and safety above all else; that is exactly why we have devised a host of meticulously thought out precautionary measures to keep you and your loved one safe amidst the prevalent pandemic situation once you have decided to plan your stay at any of our properties.

Common notions

  • Our staff would greet you the traditional Sri Lankan way – Ayubowan instead of handshakes
  • Sensor operated hand sanitiser dispensers will be placed through our resort establishments so that you could sanitise your hands occasionally.
  • All of our employees will be wearing facemasks and they would at all times practise social distancing
  • Our staff will also be wearing gloves while handling your documents, credit/debit cards, cash, etc and they will also replace their gloves occasionally sanitising their hands immediately.

Within the hotel premises

  • You will be offered alcohol-based sanitisers and once you have sanitised your hands, a temperature reading will be taken at the entrance.
  • Those who have an abnormal temperature reading will be isolated and will be examined by an on-call doctor as per the instructions given by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health
  • Also, your luggage will be sanitised before being brought into your rooms and upon sanitisation, a tag will be added to your bags mentioning the date and marking it as disinfected
  • Guests will also be required to provide their travel history at the reception during the process of checking in.
  • All surfaces and points that come into contact with your hands and body will also be sanitised regularly – this also includes key cards and tags as well.
  • All rooms and seating areas in and around the property will be occasionally cleaned and disinfected using clinically approved sanitisers and upon thorough sanitisation, a printed notice will be placed upon the doors of the respective rooms for easy identification.


  • The seating arrangements of our restaurants have been re-adjusted so that people who will be seated will remain at least 1 meter apart from each other.
  • Food items will always be covered during transportation and when they are placed in buffets. A dedicated staff member will serve you the food which ensures that the utensils and food items will not be contaminated.
  • Bill folders and menu cards will also be sanitised before and after usage.
  • All of the dining spaces will be cleaned and sanitised before each service using non-toxic yet effective sanitisation mediums.

Public spaces

  • Washrooms, recreational spaces, lobby areas, and corridors, and seating areas will be occasionally disinfected and cleaned.
  • Resorts’ fitness centres will be sanitised twice a day – during early morning hours and in the evening.
  • Spas will also undergo a thorough cleaning ritual daily.

Policies on Visitors

  • Visitors are only allowed in important circumstances and they should abide by health and safety policies at all times.
  • Prior authorisation is also required for visitors and access will only be provided to limited areas.

Safety Measures for guest

  • We humbly request you to wear masks at all times when you are within the resort premises and out of your rooms.
  • Occasionally sanitise your hands and maintain a distance of at least a minimum of one meter from other individuals.

View SLTDA Guidelines