Ancient Technology Museum & Wax Museum

Ancient Technology Museum

Ancient Technology Museum & Wax Museum is a Technology museum located in Polonnaruwa. It is one of the 3 Technology musea in Sri Lanka. and it situated walk-in distance at Sudu Araliya

November 2019: Sri Lanka has opened a wax museum in Polonnaruwa, that is styled on the world-famous Madame Tussauds, at the Ancient Technology Museum, Polonnaruwa, the country’s first museum of its kind that was built with the objective of enlightening the present and future generations on ancient technical know-how and expertise.

Sri Lanka has a recorded history of over 2500 years. From ancient times, the Sri Lankans used very high quality tools and strategies to accomplish their activities effectively. When compared with the other ancient civilizations, the technology practiced by the Sri Lankans was at very high levels as it was particularly entwined with the local environment, culture, and the status of the society. Among them, there are technological features that originated, improved, developed locally, and gifted to the world at the peak of their development. The Bisokotuva technology, associated with irrigation, Sthupa technology, Metal technology, Naval technology are such examples. Meanwhile, certain other features influenced by neighboring India, developed to suit the local cultural and environmental factors are extant to date. Among them, some excellent features could be identified..