Devon Falls

Witness an immaculate veil of a waterfall from which thousands of gallons of water cascades down a steep cliff – the water slowly turning to droplets and droplets turning to fine mist as it reaches its bottom. There are two viewpoints from which you could admire the beauty of the legendary Devon falls – as you visit any of the two viewpoints the viewing experience is complemented by a gentle breeze nudging your skin. Swirling leaves from eucalypti trees slowly raining down from the winds, and breathtaking views of the cascade and the valley beyond inspires awe in your mind. You will also be greeted by troops of macaques perched precariously on top of the guard rails and signposts.

Being regarded as one of the most scenic cascades on the island, Devon Falls is located approximately 30kilometers away from our property. It is 97 meters tall and ranks at 19 among the tallest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Being a quintessential travel destination in the Nuwara Eliya region, we have included it in many of our excursion packages. Travel arrangements to the cascade’s viewpoints and excursions with a guide can also be arranged by reaching out to our resort’s front desk.