Enjoy the Flowers in Bloom

Hakgala Botanical Garden

The Hakgala Botanical Garden is one of Sri Lanka’s five main botanical gardens and it has a case for being the most beautiful and picturesque out of all of them. If you’re enjoying the cool weather of Sri Lanka’s hill country, be sure to make a trip to the garden and enjoy the wonderful sights it has to offer.

This garden was first established in the middle of the 19th century – 1861 to be exact. It was an experimental effort by George Henry Thwaites – a British botanist and entomologist – to cultivate chinchona which was among the most lucrative commercial crop at the time. Once tea replaced chinchona as the empire’s most desired commodity, the gardens were converted into a sprawling tea plantation – not unlike the many you’ll see on your way to Hakgala. It was only in 1884 that the location was transformed into a garden and over the decades it grew into the amazing attraction you see today.

As far as things to see here go, there are over 1000 different species on display here at the garden. In particular, the garden is famous for its collection of rare orchids and roses – be sure to catch those in full bloom!

Located approximately 20 kilometres away from our property your journey to the gardens would only take you up to 45 minutes!