Kaudulla National Park

Being one of the well-renowned hotels near Kaudulla National Park, we offer you the opportunity to explore the most profound and idyllic creations of nature amidst an ancient and surreal landscape!

Offering its visitors an exclusive avenue to witness Sri Lanka’s unique species of wildlife, Kaudulla National Park is a must-visit attraction when you are in Polonnaruwa. The vegetation represents the best of Sri Lanka’s dry evergreen forests, the reserve is dressed in an air of tranquillity and it boasts the finest elements of nature! An excursion to the reserve offers you glimpses of elusive and timid denizens such as the slender lorries, the jungle fowl, purple-faced langur, the giant squirrel, the Sri Lankan axis deer, and many others. The park is also home to herds of the magnificent Asian elephant, the Sri Lankan leopard, and the endemic Sri Lankan sloth bear.

The best way to explore the reserve’s unique attributes is through a safari and embarking on an expedition lets you traverse through immaculate grasslands and plains all offering a glimpse of the diverse range of wildlife that is present here. The park, during seasonal months also offers a refuge for migratory birds serving as a quick stop for them to replenish themselves. Many arrive at the park from far lands beyond the oceans to breed as well. As you explore the unique attributes of the park, settle in for a moment take in the views, inhale the sweet earthy fragrances from ancient woodlands, and cleanse your mind! Rejoice in realising how vast and vibrant the world is and appreciate the grand design of mother nature!