Experience pure tropical bliss

Mihiripenna Beach

Being an offbeat yet enticing beach, located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Mihiripenna Beach in Sri Lanka boasts calm azure waters and soft white sands. The coastal strip comes in as a quintessential attraction in the region for which it offers its visitors plenty to see and do. The shimmering and warm waters are ideal for swimming and what lies beneath the waters entices every adventurer. The waters are home to a vibrant array of corals which offers refuge to a host of colourful reef-dwelling creatures. Rare and elusive sea turtles, schools of reef fish, lazy and curious crustaceans are also a common sight under the waters; adding to the surreal experience that you would indulge in as you snorkel through the tropical waters

What is more, the lush and shady palm grooves offers you a relaxing refuge as mid-day approaches. You could also lean back and relax under the warmth of the tropical sun and work on your tan. The evenings at the beach are tranquil and romantic too. The less crowded coastal stretch is ideal for a relaxing stroll with your loved one and the view of the sun setting over the horizon is indeed a sight to behold!

Mihiripenna Beach is located in proximity to our resort and you can reach here by a tuk-tuk or by opting for a transfer from our property – which you could do by reaching out to the front desk.