Go on Safari!

Minneriya National Park

A vacation out here in Polonnaruwa would be incomplete without witnessing some of the fantastic wildlife found in the region’s wild corners – and there’s no place here as wild and untamed as the Minneriya National Park. By going on safari here, you’ll be able to spot some of the most famous and striking animals found here in Sri Lanka.

Since being named a national park, Minneriya has always drawn in wildlife enthusiasts from far and wide. After all, the park experiences one of the most spectacular natural events seen on the island – the aptly named “Gathering”. The Gathering refers to the mass congregations of Sri Lankan elephant herds that arrive at the park in search of water. This is by far the best opportunity you’ll have to observe these gentle pachyderms in their natural habitat – the antics of some of the herd’s younger members are worth a visit to the park alone!

Elephants aren’t the only thing you can hope to see here in Minneriya, the park is also home to Sri Lanka’s top predator. The elusive leopard stalks this wilderness in search of prey like the chital and sambur deer, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a flash of spots hidden in the undergrowth. Minneriya is also perfect for birdwatching as all kinds of wading bird varieties depend on the centrally located Minneriya Tank for sustenance.

The wildlife reserve is located approximately 37 kilometres away from our property which could take your about 45 minutes to reach. We also provide guest well-curated excursions to the site and you could get more information about visiting here by reaching out to our front desk.