Of a Bygone Age…

Polonnaruwa Vatadage

The Hotel Sudu Araliya is one of the best hotels near Polonnaruwa Vatadage – an ancient structure built during the reign of the famed King Parakramabahu I. So, take advantage of this fact and visit this fascinating historical structure during your stay here in Polonnaruwa.

It is believed that the Polonnaruwa Vatadage was originally built to protect either the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha or the alms bowl that belonged to the Buddha. It is believed that a small stupa stood at the centre of this construct, sheltered by it. Nowadays, you can see four statues of the Buddha in the area surrounded by the structure.

As you explore the Vatadage and its surroundings, you’ll come upon a number of ancient carvings that bear the distinctive style and features associated with the Polonnaruwa Era. Carvings like the moonstones are considered to be some of the most striking architectural feats you’re likely to come across in Polonnaruwa!

Located just a 10-minute drive away from our hotel establishment, we offer well-curated excursions to the site. Reach out to our resort’s front desk to know more information about the tour experience.