Ancient Rock Fortress

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Being one of the eight enchanting world heritage sites in Sri Lanka, the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya is a famous and well renowned historic attraction on the island. Surrounded by well-landscaped water and rock gardens the fortress offers its visitors so much to see and explore. The site, with innumerable offerings, comes in as an attraction that you should explore at a relaxed and slow pace.

The fortress, also being known as the lion rock was once the seat of King Kashyapa. Many legends and chronicles state that the king was a man who loved art hence he wanted Sigiriya the culmination of intricate and elaborate varieties of different art forms. Though many artistic creations have been destroyed by the test of time and during foreign invasions, some remain patiently praising the artistic allure of a bygone era. The main draw to the rock fortress is its frescoes which offer the onlookers glimpses of the king’s harem. There are numerous ruins in and around the main edifice which would have once been elaborate courtyards, palaces, and places of worship.

It is indeed exciting and exhilarating to explore the premises and the fact that everything around is drenched in history inspires awe in your mind. The water gardens of Sigiriya are also another significant draw of the site which provides evidence for the existence of an advanced hydraulic civilisation during an era where modern machinery was completely absent. There are ruins of fountains, pools, and ponds, many of their intricate mechanisms still function. Excursions to this amazing attraction can be arranged by reaching out to our resort’s front desk.