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Turtle Hatchery

Sri Lanka’s tropical waters teem with marine life which includes a diverse range of endangered species. Among the many elusive and gentle creatures that belong to the island, sea turtles remain one of the most adorable creatures that inhabit the ocean that surrounds Sri Lanka. Since the numbers of the five species of sea turtles are decreasing at an alarming rate, the government has devised numerous conservation projects joining hands with several non-profit organisations. As a part of this initiative, a multitude of conservation centres that also doubles as hatcheries is built around the coastal regions. And luckily there is one such centre located a few minutes drive away from our property.

Located in a small fishing town called Habaraduwa which is just a ten-minute drive away from our property, lies Habaraduwa sea turtle hatchery which is the largest turtle hatchery in Unawatuna region. The centre’s main objective is to collect and conserve the eggs of sea turtles and release the hatchlings to the ocean. They also bring in and treat injured sea turtles and release them to the open waters once they have recovered. This particular hatchery is run by volunteers with the help of the proceeds received from donations and government grants. If you wish to extend your helping hand to such a noble cause, you could also volunteer at the hatchery and help the staff with a beach cleanup, the collection of eggs and much more. Apart from that, one could also make donations as well.

Like other attractions in the region, travel arrangements to this site could also be made if you reach out to our hotel’s front desk.