Unique flavours and fragrances

Traditional Sri Lankan cuisine is one of the quintessential parts of the dining experience we offer! Our property is located amidst an ancient land that was once part of a magnificent empire – so much of history and heritage is imbued in the air that surrounds our premises. Which is why we at Hotel Sudu Araliya, offer our guests a dining experience that blends traditional flair with carefully selected local ingredients that were cultivated and harvested on these lands since the time immemorable.

Not feeling adventurous? Prefer to enjoy the food that you are familiar with? Then you will be glad to know that you can also enjoy a wide variety of international food favourites. The dining setting of our restaurant features an extensive buffet which includes specialities from around the globe – if you don’t find what you are looking for on the spread, you are more likely to find your liking on our A’la carte menu.

Along with food cooked to perfection, we also offer you a wide selection of signature spirits, premium and vintage wines and a plethora of lusciously mixed cocktails. With the spacious and elegant dining spaces, decadent food, an amazing variety of drinks, we offer you arguably the ultimate wine and dine experiences amongst the popular restaurants in Polonnaruwa! In-room dining is also an option if you prefer to dine at a more intimate and cosy setting!

Wine Bar
Step into the fantastic wine bar here at the Hotel Sudu Araliya, the very best hotel wine bar you’ll find here in the historic city of Polonnaruwa.
Exquisite Dining at Hotel Sudu Araliya
Boasting an exquisite setting dressed in elegance & splendour, the restaurant at our resort is regarded as a premier amongst Polonnaruwa hotel restaurants.