Slip into a sense of serenity

Located amidst quaint landscapes, lush green surrounds and a tranquil ambience, our exclusive Spa in Polonnaruwa takes rejuvenation to a whole new realm! The healing rituals and the variety of treatments offered at our spa breathe new life into your senses and lightens up your mind and body. The treatments that we offer also clears you of worries and leaves you in a state of absolute relaxation!

Our spa offers our patrons a variety of well-curated healing rituals, detoxification programmes, free wellness evaluations, herbal baths, and more. On request you could also opt-in for a well-curated healthy meal plan during your stay – This particular addition will aid you in the detoxification process and at the end of your stay, you will most certainly feel revitalised and rejuvenated – to that of you becoming a new and improved version of yourself!